Explicit Affirmation Cards
Explicit Affirmation Cards
Explicit Affirmation Cards
Explicit Affirmation Cards
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Explicit Affirmation Cards

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Affirmations set to help you swear your way through your day! Research has shown that swearing can relieve pain and stress.

Full of attitude, positivity and a hint of profanity, they can be a great way to start your day if a kick up the bum is what you need. In addition to this, swearing grabs our attention and makes us focus, so with this advantage, we can build on our self worth.

Although swearing can be a little fun and over the top, beware of your surroundings when using positive affirmations. It can be distressing or potentially offensive when using these around others.


18 Affirmation Cards with details on how to use

Recyclable labels, boxes and card.Box Size: 90 x 60 x 24 mm. 

How to use:

We suggest picking 1 affirmation a day and
repeating it to yourself over and over to establish the positive thought.Also, take your card with you throughout the day
so you can look at it when you need some positivity or rewrite it out in your
notebook to establish the thought of the day. #topainmypocket

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